Catbrook and District Memorial Hall Trust, established as a charity in 1965, is responsible for providing a community hall for Catbrook and the surrounding area. The seven Trustees provide for the upkeep and administration of the building and meet, as and when required, to ensure that the Hall is operational, functional and properly run.

Catbrook Memorial Hall Management Committee arrange for the hire and usage of the Hall. 

Events are arranged throughout the year raising the funds necessary to maintain the Hall. 

The Committee meet monthly and there is an AGM in September/October.



An AGM is usually held in the Hall during the autumn but due to the continued closure of the Hall due to the pandemic this will not be possible this year. There is no suitable alternative venue available and it was not considered appropriate to hold a Zoom AGM. The Trustees are not obliged by the Trust Governing Document to hold an AGM but they are required by the Charities Commission to issue a Trustees Annual Report and prepare financial accounts. The Trustees therefore decided not to hold an AGM in 2020 but instead to issue the required information in document form below

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