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September 2021 results are as follows:

1st: (£150) to Ball No. 05, Andy Pullan

2nd: (£105) to Ball No. 70, Gretchen Mattison

3rd:  (£45) to Ball No. 11, Simon Westwood

The next draw will take place in

December 2021.

The Catbrook Memorial Hall 100 Club is a private lottery open to all residents from Catbrook, Broadstone, Parkhouse, Whitelye and Cicelyford.


How it works


  • For a payment of £6.00 per quarter (i.e. equivalent to £2 per month or £24 per annum) each member will be allocated a number which will be entered into a quarterly draw with fellow members


  • The prize fund will be dependent on the number of members and will be half of the total subscriptions each quarter (e.g. £300 if there are 100 members; £150 if there are 50)


  • There will be three prizes each quarter:

    • 1st prize will be 50% of the prize fund (e.g. max. £150 if there are 100 members)

    • 2nd prize will be 35% of the prize fund (e.g. max. £105 if there are 100 members)

    • 3rd prize will be 15% of the prize fund (e.g. max. £45 if there are 100 members)


  • The remaining 50% will raise funds for Catbrook & District Memorial Hall


  • Winners will be contacted in person and names will also be published on the village hall web site www.catbrook.org.uk


  • You must be aged 16 years or over to join


  • Members will be able to join during the year by paying £6 per quarter per number


  • Members may purchase multiple numbers to a maximum of 4


We hope residents will join the 100 Club to assist, through their financial contribution, the ongoing provision and maintenance of the facilities at Catbrook & District Memorial Hall for everyone’s future enjoyment, as well as having a chance to win a cash prize each quarter!


How To Join

To join the Catbrook & District Memorial Hall 100 Club you will need to sign and complete the application form (available below), and deliver to either Andy Pullan (Whitelye) or Sarah Bowden (Catbrook).  You can also put your completed application form in the letterbox on the outside of Catbrook Memorial Hall.Your application form must be signed to confirm you have read and agree with the rules which can be found on page 2 of the application form. The rules are also available below.


Once your application is received you will be allocated your ticket number(s) and given the necessary information to set up a regular quarterly payment for the appropriate amount on 25 February, 25 May, 25 August and 25 November for inclusion in the quarterly draw which will take place in March, June, September and December of each year.


Good luck and thank you for supporting our hall!

Previous Results

June 2021
1st: (£150) to Ball No. 12, Pat Gooding
2nd: (£105) to Ball No. 45, Andy Lawton
3rd: (£45): to Ball No. 99, Dawn Cater

29th December 2020

1st: (£150) to Ball No. 105, John Gooding

2nd: (£105) to Ball No. 36, Janet Clare-Vass

3rd:  (£45) to Ball No. 92, Betty Maloney

4th July 2020

1st: (£150) to Ball No. 35, Steve Vass

2nd: (£105) to Ball No. 41, Sue Coussins

3rd:  (£45) to Ball No. 78, Laura Thorpe

20 December 2019

1st: (£150) to Ball No. 80, Debbie Watson

2nd: (£105) to Ball No. 85, John Clarke

3rd:  (£45) to Ball No. 4, Pete Stevens 

21 June 2019

1st: (£150) to Ball No. 62, Sara Camp

2nd: (£105) to Ball No. 46, Fiona Wilton

3rd:  (£45) to Ball No. 82, Steve Butcher

March 2021
1st: (£150) to Ball No. 65, Richard Cobourne
2nd: (£105) to Ball No. 74, Sue Browne
3rd: (£45): to Ball No. 8, Pam Hudson

3rd October 2020

1st: (£150) to Ball No. 108, Shirley Allen

2nd: (£105) to Ball No. 88, Jane Washer

3rd:  (£45) to Ball No. 50, Leanne Wakerley

 29 March 2020

1st: (£150) to Ball No. 68, Caddy Neale

2nd: (£105) to Ball No. 92, Betty Maloney

3rd: (£45) to Ball No. 99, Dawn Cater

27 September 2019

1st: (£150) to Ball No. 42, Shirley Lawton

2nd: (£105) to Ball No. 58, Maggie Roberts

3rd:  (£45) to Ball No. 31, Jill Westwood

22 March 2019

1st: (£150) to Ball No. 40, Sue Coussins

2nd: (£105) to Ball No. 83, Steve Butcher

3rd:  (£45) to Ball No. 75, Ian Cameron