This is the page where you can, well, buy and sell things! If you live in the area and you have something to sell or give away, or if you're looking for something particular that you think somebody local might have, let Sarah know and we'll put it on here!

Julian Gillings from Coombe Lea has things to sell - if you're interested in either of these, please get in touch with Julian at   NOTE: THE MOWER HAS BEEN SOLD

Petrol 4 in 1 Garden Tool. 
Contains : a strimmer, a hedge cutter, a chainsaw, and a brush cutter. There is also a height extension pole. Some parts have not been used and we still have the box. Less than 2 years old.  £175. 

4 in 1 A.png
4 in 1.png

Sit on petrol mower with detachable clippings collector back box which levers up for ease of emptying. Front headlights. This machine has been serviced annually and is in good working order. Please contact Julian for more detail and if you want to buy it you will need to collect it! It will be available to collect from 29/12/21. £550. NOW SOLD!

Mower 1B.png
Mower 2.png

Craig at Tintern Heights has a greenhouse that he reckons he's never going to use...

It's 10 foot by 8 foot and in good order apart from two cracked glass panels.

He's happy to be made any sensible offer and would ideally like to sell it to someone local.


If you're interested please email Craig or phone him on 07801 333951