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Welcome to you all!

Yoga is an ancient philosophy which combines physical postures, mindfulness, breathing techniques, ethics, meditation, and deep relaxation. By practising regularly, you will improve your fitness, health and mental well-being.
With increased confidence, you will know your body better and have a calmer mind so that you are able to manage daily stresses more skilfully.

Yoga is a journey of self-discovery, where slow, steady, relaxed practice produces the best results. Be kind and patient with yourself by finding a comfortable balance of effort and relief.


By attending the classes regularly you will, overtime become more flexible, practice a variety of  postures and feel calmer through mindfulness training, breathing and relaxation techniques.

I have been practising yoga on a regular basis for nearly 25 years, beginning with Iyengar classes, followed by Yin and Yang and later British Wheel of Yoga Classes. During Covid, I found myself leaning more and more into yoga to calm my mind and keep my body healthy and fit. After completing a British Wheel Of Yoga (BWY) foundation course I embarked on a BWY 500 hour (2 1/2 years) teacher training diploma. While I teach I will continue to study being assessed from time to time. I am fully covered by BWY insurance and have been approved to teach. 


Come to slow down, move, restore and live life in the moment.

Sarah Chatterton is currently on a six month sabbatical. 

There will be one class at Catbrook as follows:   

Thursday from 9.30 - 11 am – Enriching Yoga £8 per class/£32 for a four week course . 

The course dates will be June 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th.

Booking is essential so please email me to secure your space.

Please wear loose, comfortable exercise clothes with bare feet. 
I have a selection of yoga props, but I would like you to bring a blanket and a couple of cushions please. If you have a health condition or injury that may affect your practice please seek advice from your doctor before the class. Also do let me know before the beginning of the class. You can contact me on

I look forward to seeing you.

Best Wishes, Tracey

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