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Thank you to everyone who took part in the "Mega Egga Hunt." Whether you displayed some eggcellent eggs or eggsplored the local area, we could not have done it without you - it's no yolk! Special thanks also to The Lion Inn & Catbrook Hall for their kind prize donations!

So, without further ado, the winners of the Mega Egga Hunt 2024 are...

Viktorija & William Brew


Congratulations to you! A £40 voucher for the Lion Inn at Trellech and a bunch of Easter eggs are hopping their way to you!

As the Easter bunny bounces back down her rabbit hole and all the egg puns are filed away for another year, we hope you enjoyed Catbrook's Mega Egga Hunt, its been cracking!

To see some of the eggs on display, click on the bunny!

Calling all Eggsplorers! Can you spot all the eggs?

We thought it would be a great idea to have an Easter Egg Hunt in Catbrook, Broadstone, Parkhouse and Whitelye over the Easter Holidays. 

There are two parts to the Mega Egga Hunt, you can do one or, better still, do both!

We're asking local residents to display an Easter Egg (or several) in their gardens.  We'd love to see as many eggs as possible all around the villages.  

Then it's up to you to take a walk and count up all the eggs you can see (remember you're not collecting them - they need to stay where they are for others to count!) Tell us how many and you could win a prize! 


  • Residents of all ages who live in Catbrook, Broadstone, Whitelye and Parkhouse are invited to display as many eggs as you want in your garden. 

  • Easter Eggs can be 2D, 3D, in any material and be shop bought or homemade - anything goes. Ideally, no smaller than 10cm!

  • If you're displaying eggs, you need to let the organisers know how many eggs our eggsplorers are hunting for - please tell us about your eggs by clicking on the 'Display' egg....

  • No chocolate eggs in case our furry friends eat them...

  • Eggs should be displayed on your property in a prominent position so that they can be viewed from the road or a public right of way. 

  • Please secure your handiwork so that it doesn't blow away and consider whether it would survive a good rainstorm, which is almost inevitable in Wales!

  • Your egg(s) should be secured and positioned so that they will not cause a danger, injury or annoyance to others.

  • If you would like a poster to display at your property to show you are participating, please say 'yes' in the box on the 'Display' Form.

New Counting Rules.png
  • When you've walked and counted eggs, let us know how many you found - there's a form if you click on the 'Count' egg! 

  • There can only be one guessing entry per household.

  • The household who guesses the correct number of eggs (or the nearest) will be the winner. If there is a tie, all the correct entries will be put into a hat and one winner will be drawn.

  • We will notify the winner(s) by email or phone. The results will also be on Facebook and this website.

  • The prize is a meal voucher kindly donated by The Lion Inn at Trellech plus, of course, some Easter Eggs!

Entries for displaying eggs are now closed!


Entries for counting eggs are now closed!

  • The Mega Egga Hunt will be open from 22 March to 2 April

  • If you've displayed eggs in your garden please tell us about  them by clicking on the 'Display' egg above before 5pm on Tuesday 19 March. Then we'll get cracking on the maps...

  • Eggs must be on display by 10am on Friday 22 March 2024. 

  • The Cracking Maps will be available from 10am on Friday 22 March until 5pm on Tuesday 2 April 2024.

If you've got any questions please email Stephanie Spragg

New Good Luck.png
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