Stand Tall for Ukraine

The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine. We're running the Catbrook & District Tall Sunflower competition to show our support!

Single Sunflower.png

Young plants have been brought on by Andy and have been sold to raise funds for Ukraine - then simply grow them in your own garden and the tallest sunflower gets a small prize! The total raised so far is £660 - thank you to everyone who bought a sunflower or three!

Now it's up to you - for excellent advice and growing tips visit the Gardener's World website!

To see how everyone else is doing with their sunflowers, keep an eye on our Facebook page - we have progress photos from time to time!

Measuring Day will be Sunday 28th August.

Here are the rules:

  1. There will be two classes - 'Children under 16 on Measuring Day' and 'Everybody else'.

  2. Your plant must have a flower - measuring will be to the top of the flower.

  3. Measuring will be from the soil upwards - so putting your sunflower in a four foot high planter won't help!

  4. The variety being grown is 'High Hopes' - you must have bought your plant from Andy to be able to enter. 

  5. You can't glue two stems together - the judge (hopefully a famous gardener) will be able to spot that...

Sunflowers 3.png
Sunflowers 3.png
Sunflowers 3.png