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Stand Tall for Ukraine

The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine. This year we held the Catbrook & District Tall Sunflower competition to show our support!

Single Sunflower.png

The Catbrook Sunflower growing competition came to its thrilling climax on the morning of Sunday 28 August with Phil and the “Howtallisthatometer” doing a tour around the village to officially measure the potential winners.

Phil and Andy.jpg

Hermione claimed the under 16 crown with her lovely 2.62m flower and she had put on her blue and yellow dress especially for the measuring.


There were 3 flowers that had broken through the 4 metre barrier and these 3 were checked to ensure there were no dodgy shenanigans going on. In 3rd place was Mike Dunsbee’s at 4.38m, in 2nd place was Alison & Steve Pearson at 4.80m. Wurzel the Scarecrow’s “Tiny Tim” was on his best behaviour and stood up nice and tall and on tiptoes to be the winning sunflower, reaching 4.92m. He certainly stood tall for Ukraine.

Phil measuring.jpg

Sue Cobourne probably had the smallest perfectly formed sunflower at 10 inches.

Small sunflower.jpg

We hope everyone has enjoyed taking part over the last few months and over £700 was raised for the Ukrainian families who have moved into the area since the start of the war in their country.


Thank you to everyone who took part, nurtured their plants and sent in photos to the Facebook page. Remember to leave the flower heads on your plants for the birds and Mike Dunsbee is already taking orders for his magic muck for next year.

See you again next year!

Sunflowers 3.png
Sunflowers 3.png
Sunflowers 3.png
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