14 April 2021

The road from Catbrook to Botany Bay will be closed for 3 days from 21st April 2021.

Local diversions will be signposted. 

For the exact area to be closed, please click on the map.

Whitelye closure map.png

12 April 2021

Applications for Grants through the Catbrook Educational Trust are now welcomed. For all the details, click on the CET icon...

CET logo.png

Easter images from Catbrook and Whitelye!

28 March 2021 

A466 closure from 6th April (postponed...)

The contractor proposes to work a 6 day week meaning the road closure should be slightly less than the 4 weeks previously discussed.  The works are scheduled to be completed before the first May bank holiday (again, as hoped).  There is of course the caveat of finding unexpected matters when they are working or cold weather delaying the start due to bats read more...


25 March 2021

Nature isn't Neat

Nature isn’t Neat is a project initially piloted in Monmouth that aims to raise awareness about the importance of pollinators, the actions that we can all take to support them, and how these can have a positive impact on other important issues such as reducing the decline in other wildlife and read more...