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Welcome to Catbrook Book Box - this is a new way of accessing all the books that are currently in the hall even though the hall is currently closed...


Thanks to a generous donation we now have an even wider range of titles available, newbooks are detailed at the start of the revised list. The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has also managed to provide several signed copies of that cracking first novel by our very own Richard Cobourne.


As we are now entering autumn, and long winter nights will soon be upon us, we have a September special offer for bulk buying so its now £1 a book with a maximum charge of £4 for up to 8 books. We are sure you

will be able to find plenty of interesting books in the library, please let Steve know which titles you would like to take.


You will see that we have introduced a book of the week selection (below) and are requesting submissions of short reviews of books on the list that you may have enjoyed.


We hope you will find something of interest in the newly updated catalogue, which you can find by clicking on the bookcase above.  


For each book we request a donation of £1 or, if you are an avid reader, six books for a fiver.


Here's how it works:


1.  Review the current catalogue by clicking on the bookcase above (or here). You can also find a hard copy pinned to the Hall Notice Board.


2.  Let Steve know which books you would like [email protected] or by an old fashioned conversation at the Nook.


3.  Make payment via internet banking to Catbrook Hall (preferred) or pay cash to Steve.


4.  Steve will arrange for delivery of the book(s) to your house.


5.  Enjoy the book. Or books!






This week's book of the week is One Day by David Nicholls, published in 2009 and made into a film in 2011. Each chapter covers the lives of Emma and Dexter on 15 July, St Swithin's Day. The characters are what I think makes the book a  great read as you feel so connected to them in different ways and at certain points in their lives. David Nicholls has produced a novel that is not only funny but also memorable and moving and much better than the film.




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